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The Everwoods Lodge Blueprints | Build Plans

The Everwoods Lodge Blueprints | Build Plans

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Your Blueprints for The Everwoods Lodge will include plans for the foundation, roof, first & second floor, interior & exterior elevations and electrical layouts. These are blueprints only and do not include mechanical or plumbing drawings. The blueprint plans will be sent to you in physical format and will include two copies. 

When purchasing our blueprint and/or design plans, you will be required to acknowledge and adhere to the Terms of Purchase.

Please make sure that you read thouroughly before completing your purchase. 


The Everwoods Cabins, LLC. Terms of Purchase:

1. The Everwoods Cabins, LLC (licensor) will send the buyer (licensee) two (2) hard copies of the purchased blue prints which are a single-use license for one single dwelling.This single-use license is non-transferable and may not be used to build multiple dwellings. The buyer (licensee)agrees not to copy, publish, scan, sell, redistribute, sublicense, or otherwise reproduce blue prints in any way or to other individual or entity.

2. The Everwoods Lodge Blueprints and Design Plans are not permitted to be purchased or used in any way in the state of Ohio nor within a 300 mile radius from 25436 Locust Grove Road, Creola,Ohio 45622. The plans are available to those outside of these parameters both within the United States and internationally.

3. The Everwoods Cabins, LLC retains sole and exclusive intellectual property rights of blue prints and design plans. The purchase of the plans does not grant use of The Everwoods name, trademarks, logos, or other exclusivities.

4. TheEverwoods Lodge Blueprints and Design Plans are sold “as is” and The Everwoods Cabins, LLC makes no warranties with respect to the blueprints suitability for the buyer’s (licensee) project. The Everwoods Cabins, LLC is not responsible for any modifications or changes made to the blueprints or design plans. The buyer(licensee) agrees it is their sole responsibility to obtain building permits, use permits, governmental approvals, and abide by building codes of the local building authority prior to construction of buyer’s (licensee) project. In no event shall the blueprints or design plans be construed to be a representation of or a warranty by The Everwoods Cabins, LLC related to compliance with applicable use, zoning, and building codes. The buyer (licensee) agrees to indemnify and hold harmless The Everwoods Cabins, LLC from any claims, damages, or expenses arising from use of the plans.

5. Any legal action or proceeding arising from this agreement shall be governed by the laws of the state of Ohio, and such legal action or proceeding shall be brought only in a court of competent jurisdiction in Franklin County, Ohio.

6. All purchases are final and there is a strict no refund policy. The plans are provided as-is. We offer a single replacement only for an item damaged from shipping or handling. Please email if you have an issue with your delivery.

7. The Everwoods Cabins, LLC reserves the right to update these terms at any time without prior notice.

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