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The Everwoods Lodge

Blueprints | Building Plans

The Everwoods Lodge was custom and professionally designed by husband and wife duo, Maura and Tony Giannobile. With Maura’s background in Interior Design and Tony’s keen eye for construction, together with their architect, The Everwoods Lodge was dreamed up and became a finished reality in late summer of 2022.


“We created this layout and design keeping in mind all the things we love most functionally and aesthetically in places we’ve stayed. We wanted to create a unique, one-of-a-kind, and beautiful home on our land for all to enjoy with family and friends. Because of the functionality of the layout, The Everwoods Lodge perfect for for both a short-term rental cabin or a primary residence. Not an inch of space goes unused in this stunning, luxurious cabin. We are now so excited to share these building plans with the world!” 

As Seen on Levi Kelly’s You Tube 

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Can I Live Here? Everwoods Lodge Tour

The Everwoods Lodge Plans

Photo Apr 06 2023, 1 10 19 PM.jpg

Blueprint Table of Contents

Page 1:   Cover Sheet & General Requirements 

Page 2:   Foundation Plan 

Page 3:   First & Second Floor Plan 

Page 4:   Roof Plan 

Page 5:   Interior Elevations 

Page 6:   Interior Elevations & Building Sections 

Page 7:   Building Sections 

Page 8:   Exterior Elevations 

Page 9:   First & Second Floor Electrical Layouts 

General Specs: The Lodge is 48' x 32' (not including the two optional exterior decks.) There is 2,137 square feet of interior living space (1,544 on the main level and 593 on the second.) For additional layout questions please e-mail us.

These are blueprints only and do not include mechanical or plumbing drawings. The blueprint plans will be sent to you in physical format and will include two copies. 

Photo Nov 20 2022, 6 26 23 PM.jpg

Blueprints | Building Plans



The Everwoods Lodge Design Plans will be available in late 2023. These plans will include furnishings and décor found in The Everwoods Lodge, so you are able to replicate the design or use it partially. By purchasing these plans, you will have access to all furnishings and décor items used in The Everwoods Lodge knowing they were professionally, and hand selected by Maura, a vetted and professional Interior Designer. This will save you from hiring a designer ($15k-50k+) or having to spend hundreds of hours selecting pieces that dimensionally and aesthetically fit The Everwoods Lodge layout yourself.  

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